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Kilim is a traditional hand-woven wool fabric with multiple applications. It can be used as a rug, a blanket, you can cover your sofa or bed with it, or put it on a wall or window. It can even be used as a saddle if you happen to own a horse or a mule. It’s quite good at keeping you warm when used as a blanket. Now that you know what a kilim is, it’s time to find out what makes Kobeiagi kilims so special.

Kobeiagi Kilims

They are made in the Bosnian town of Visoko, and in Bosnia the kilim-making tradition goes back a long way. First, the finest wool is collected from long-fleeced local sheep. Then comes spinning, plying into thread and dyeing the wool. Then comes weaving in Lejla’s workshop by very skilled weavers. As you can see, the traditional method of making kilims is kept alive, even though the patterns don’t necessarily follow traditions. Modern patterns are more and more explored.

Kobeiagi Kilim is a traditional hand-woven wool fabric

What makes kilims so special is their tradition, in more sense than one. Firstly, it connects you to the generations upon generations who made them and used them. Secondly, it’s a product of great longevity. It can last for more than a century, as guaranteed by Kobeiagi makers. So, it might easily end up as a part of your will.  Culture of consumerism makes us think that we must buy new things constantly, to affirm our social status. With Kobeiagi kilims, you have something that you could leave to  your children and grandchildren. As it connects you to the past, it might also connect you to the future.

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