Klymit Splash 25 | First Ever Dry Pack with Integrated Air Frame

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If you like going on outdoor adventures, you’re inevitably going to be exposed to the elements. Whether it’s the rain or the stream you have to cross, you’ll probably get wet. Well, with Klymit Splash 25, your stuff can now stay safe and dry. You no longer have to worry about water ruining your phone or camera, and you can be sure you’ll have dry clothes to wear when the wet adventures are over.

This great waterproof backpack is the first ever dry pack with an integrated Air Frame. But what does it all mean? It means extra comfort, extra light weight, and a more rugged style from your backpack. The Klymit Splash 25 harnesses the power of air to provide customizable comfort and a light waterproof design. This backpack weighs only 21 oz. (or 0.59 kg) and it’s perfect for outdoor adventures as it keeps all your belongings inside completely dry.

Klymit Splash 25

The Splash 25 is completely waterproof, very lightweight and comfortable thanks to the integrated Air Frame.

The Splash 25 integrated air-powered backpack’s made of welded durable, lightweight, and fully waterproof 210 denier nylon. The integrated Air Frame is a suspension system that transfers the weight to the hips without obstruction motion and maneuverability. In addition to this, the air will make the backpack float in the water. The structure of the backpack’s firm, durable, and light thanks to the advanced system without the heavy foams, metals or composites.

Klymit Splash 25

The backpack’s made from durable and fully waterproof nylon and the air technology will make the pack float in the water.

The pack itself is very functional as it has a volume of 25 L and you can load it with up to 16 kg or 35 lbs. It has a roll top closure with adjustable top straps, chest strap, waist and sternum straps, wide mouth opening, customized pump, reinforced sides with side compression straps, a daisy chain, and a V-shaped Air Frame. The daisy chain in the front allows quick attachment of the gear while waist and sternum straps have air pump access for quick and easy Air Frame adjustments. The Klymit Splash 25 is certainly the future of waterproof backpacks, so hurry up and get yours.

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Klymit Splash 25

This pack’s can carry the load of up to 16 kg and the easily accessible air pump provides customizable comfort.

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