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For every stationery lover out there, we’ve got a special treat here. The Kizara Wood Sheet Memo Pad is a handcrafted desk accessory made from a single block of wood. The paper pad is completely natural and it’s made by shaving individual sheets of paper from a piece of wood. As a result, you get a unique memo pad where every page is slightly different from one another, but each provides the beautiful feeling of writing directly on wood.

The sheets of the Kizara Wood Sheet Memo Pad are incredibly thin and soft, and were traditionally used as food wrappers. Because of the softness of the sheets, it’s recommended that you use rollerball pens and avoid pencils. There are about 50 sheets per pad and they’re 0.15 to 0.25 mm thick. You won’t believe how thin the pages are until you get your hands on one, and each page has a beautiful wood grain. You can even use the wood patterns to awaken your creativity and make something unique.

Kizara Wood Sheet Memo Pad, three pads placed on one another with the smallest on top, and a single pad on the left, open. Laid on white sheets.

The Kizara Wood Sheet Memo Pads are available in three sizes and each pad is made by shaving sheets from a single block of wood

The Kizara Wood Sheet Memo Pad is made in Japan, and there are three sizes available: small (3’’ x 4.5’’), medium (4’’ x 6’’), and large (5’’ x 7’’). Keep in mind that these sheets are different from regular paper and can warp due to temperature changes. The Kizara wood products are made from pine trees that are ecologically thinned as a part of a process that supports new growth and sustainable forests in Japan. You can now enjoy these extraordinary tactile and aesthetically pleasing wood pads without worrying about deforestation.

Kizara Wood Sheet Memo Pad

Each pad has about 50 sheets, and since they’re very thin, you should use a rollerball pen instead of a pencil.

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