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In a world of mechanical engineering, only 7% are female engineers. To help make that number bigger, Suz Somersal and Malena Southworth came up with KiraKiraa project that will use online 3D printing lessons and inspire girls to learn more about engineering.

We live in a world of stereotypes where technology in usually linked with guys. Of course, there are a lot of successful ladies in the tech industry, but that number is even smaller. The idea Suz and Malena had is to organize a set of online classes that anyone can take.

A Girl Holding 3D Printet Neclace

Girls will learn how to 3D model jewelry.

Since Suz Somersal has her own jewelry design business, all the modeling will be done for jewelry.  For something as intimidating as mechanical engineering is, it’s a much easier start for students to start with art and jewelry design (and potentially less boring). 

No matter where they come from, girls will get the opportunity to learn engineering software like Autodesk, Rhino, and Solidworks. The KiraKira team realized that most tutorials you can get to start 3D modeling are boring, uninspiring and guy oriented (jewelry is way more fun). They made their own tutorial that’s simple to follow and will get girls interested in making their own designs

KiraKira 3D modeling

KiraKira will teach all the essential engineering software.

KiraKira interactive website will allow students to create their own 3D models that will be sold on the website. The income will go to the student’s college tuition fund. Once the students complete the lessons and finish with the modeling,  their designs can be made to order in gold, silver or bronze. These creations will also be available in a shop on the KiraKira website for the general public.

This entire learning experience will inspire girls’ creativity or to become interested in some similar careers with already a great base in a very useful skill.  The goal is to see more girls inspired enough that we’ll see more of them in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

KiraKira Jewelry

You’ll be able to buy the students’ pieces of jewelry through KiraKira’s website, which is disbursed into a fund to pay for the student’s college tuition.

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