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If you like a different, well-thought out and unique view of the city you are planning to visit, turn to Kinfolk Magazine. Every few days or so, their City Guides section provides a charming insight into one place you should visit if you, let’s say, happen to be in San Francisco, or Gothenburg (Sweden), or London, or Philadelphia, or Osaka (Japan), or Oslo (Norway), or maybe Melbourne (Australia). These are not the obvious must-see-tourist spots, but rather delightful and interesting shops, restaurants, espresso bars / coffee roasteries, museums, bookshops….

Kinfolk Magazine's City Guides

Kinfolk prides itself in being “slow lifestyle magazine” that is all about simplifying our existence, appreciating our communities and spending more time with our loved ones. The magazine is a quarterly with international editions and contributions from Japan, China, Korea, Russia to South Africa and Denmark, to mention just a few.

Kinfolk Magazine's City Guides

So, if you happen to be in Tokyo, by all means visit “Tembea”, a store that sells handcrafted canvas bags that are coveted all over the globe. Or, if your destination is Seattle, pop over to “The Walrus and The Carpenter” for a fresh serving of oysters. The restaurant’s co-owner Jeremy Price recommends eating them “raw with just a little squeeze of lemon and a glass of Muscadet.” If you are a culture buff, then Heide Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne, Australia, could be your cup of tea. The museum offers an unusual amalgamation of lazy afternoon coffee sipping, with a side of contemporary art, architecture, and gardening.

Kinfolk Magazine's City Guides

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