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When a magazine claims to promote “slow living, simple life, community and spending more time with friends and family”, you immediately become intrigued, because most of the modern day magazines are doing just the opposite. Slowing down to soul speed is the main motto of Kinfolk Magazine, a lifestyle magazine with a twist. It is aimed at young, break-the-mold, creative people that want more out of life and are not afraid to explore.

Kinfolk Magazine

Kinfolk is a quarterly, published by a lifestyle media agency Ouur which main target audience, just like Kinfolk’s, is young creative people. Kinfolk is truly a global magazine with international editions produced in Japan, China, Korea and Russia. There are also a plethora of smart and interesting contributors from all over the world – from Denmark to South Africa.

The magazine’s content is as eclectic as its founders and contributors. For instance, the latest (17th) issue explores topics like the relationships we have with our friends and families, including all the ups and downs that come with the territory. There is also an article about photography and its influence on the ever-changing family dynamics. What constitutes “normal” family is another interesting subject covered in the latest issue. As you can see, this issue is centered around family regardless of its shape and form.

Kinfolk Magazine

There are also articles about road trips, the origins of creativity (Are we born with it or is it learned from our environment?), nurturing individuality, and how to make the perfect red velvet lava cake; to mention a few. The magazine has 160 full-color pages.

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