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Did you watch Beyonce’s video for her 7/11 song? If you liked the sweatshirt she was wearing in the opening sequences, here’s your chance to learn more about it and how to get it for yourself. The Kale Sweatshirt comes from a modern, urban brand called Sub_Urban Riot which is, in their own words, “a little off kilter, a little twisted, and not for everybody.”Are you as intrigued as we are?

The Kale Sweatshirt (yes, kale as in the vegetable) is goofy, casual, comfortable, simple, and a kind of less-is-more piece of clothing. It’s made in the typical California casual style and is completely unisex. This loose fit sweatshirt comes in sizes ranging from XS to L, is made from cotton/50% polyester, and comes in three colors – navy blue, grey and white.

Kale Sweatshirt by Sub Urban Riot

The sweatshirt is super-soft and lightweight and has contemporary raglan sleeves. Obviously, it is also a hit among the celebrities. Apart from Beyonce, the Kale Sweatshirt was also seen on Rihanna, Rachel McAdams, Lena Dunham, Nikki Reed, Lea Michele, and Bella Thorne. So, if you’d like to make a statement with this sweatshirt about liking kale (apparently, it is one of those green gems that everybody should frequently eat and, let’s face it, not everyone ends up at Yale) or you just want a soft, comfy, well-made sweatshirt, the Kale Sweatshirt is the one. Hey, if it’s good enough for Beyonce and slew of other celebrities, it is certainly good enough for you.

Get it from Amazon here.

Rihanna wearing Kale Kale Sweatshirt by Sub Urban Riot

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