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Summer is quintessential period for activity, for most people. That activity is, of course, followed by a specific type of clothing. One for the beach, one for travelling, one for exercise, one for going out. And let’s not forget the imperative of looking good in those outfits. Well, people who made K O H shorts wanted to make travel shorts that could be used in all those summer activities. the word K O H means “island” in Thai, which gives you a clue where this idea was born.

K O H - Innovative Travel Shorts

The shorts are made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. It’s very light, which in translation means “suitable for travel and packing“. The fabric has a self-cleaning, micro-porous treatment which deals with various stains you might get. They also allow the shorts to dry quite fast after swimming (in a matter of minutes), if placed in the sun or hanged where there is a breeze. It can amazingly repel small amounts of water, which will just roll off, if you by accident spill some over the shorts. They have bar tack stitching in every stress position, with 4 deep pockets ( 2 in the front and 2 in the back) for your stuff. There is also a secure pocket, separately sewn in, where you can put the most important stuff you carry (passport, cellphone and so on). It won’t be a burden to carry a cellphone there, due to the position of the pocket. The K O H tag is embedded via heat transfer process so it wouldn’t irritate your skin.

K O H - Innovative Travel Shorts

K O H shorts have a basic, elegant design and come in navy blue, charcoal black and (only for women). The fabric is made by the company that uses bluesign® system, which is an environmentally clean way of making fabric.

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