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Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you live in London or Washington DC or Austin or New York City or Miami or in one of the seventeen towns across the world. Let’s also say that you love to party and that you would attend ever single party or show (if you’re not that much of a party animal) in your town if you had such a superpower. Thank your lucky stars for Jukely and their passes because they can get you the hottest tickets in town for a reasonable monthly fee.

Jukely Pass

What is Jukely and what are their passes good for? Jukely originally started as a concert recommendations engine and subsequently ventured into selling concert tickets on a subscription basis.

In New York alone, Jukely has partnered with 35 venues. With the help of Jukely pass, which you get once you register for the $25 monthly subscription, you will gain access to hundreds of shows covering a wide variety of music genres – from rock to hip hop to electronic. Jukely updates its show list every day at 11 am, couple of days in advance. All you need to do, apart from subscribing, is to choose the show you would love to see, reserve your spot on the guest list and that’s it.

Jukely Pass

Once you get to the venue, let the venue staff know that you are on the Jukely Guest List which will get you another pass for another show of your choice. There are no service fees and no hassle. If you are intrigued about how this works, you can browse for free all available shows for up to two weeks. Although there is no limit to how many shows you can see, you can put your name on only one guest list at a time.

Some of the cities covered by Jukely Pass include London, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Austin, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

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