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Cindy Palusamy is the founder of international bar chain called The Juicery which offers, among other things, variety of healthy and all-natural juices and smoothies. With her book Juice Blend Taste, she has collected 150 recipes for healthy and tasty beverages. Among them are smoothies, juices, soups, teas, booster shots, herbal sodas and nut milks.

This book can be useful to a plethora of people. Those interested in fitness and exercising can make their pre- or post-workout drinks. Parents can make healthy juices for the kids which they actually might like. Those who love to cook and make food in general can explore their creativity further by combining their meals with some of these drinks. The book also offers info on kitchen equipment, superfood boosters and ingredients (in fact there is a glossary of them included) and a flavor combination guide. Colorful watercolor illustrations add the charm to all of this.

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