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Writing a journal does seem a bit outdated, but with Journo app, you might think twice about that. All of life is a great adventure and it would be a shame not to write some of it down. Remember, you will get old, and your memory won’t serve you as it does today. But it’s not really pleasing to experience something great and then to wait till you get home to write it down, or to have to carry a notebook (whether paper or electronic one). Journo can help you with that.

It offers you travel maps. You can use them to sketch your route and make a custom map of your journey. You literally draw a line over the places you visit, and they get numbered starting with the first place.¬†Unlike traditional notebooks, you can add videos and pictures to your journal. As the old saying goes. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Or as the new saying goes: “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

Journo: The World's Most Sophisticated Journal App

Also, if you made a great journal full of great pictures and words combined, you might want to have some of those pages on your wall (actual wall, not social media wall). Journo makes it easy to print your journal directly from the app. You can edit it in great detail by choosing font, changing colors, placing pictures and so on. If there are two people experiencing the same adventure (a road trip, honeymoon or something along those lines), they may want to contribute both something the journal. And it’s quite easy to do with this app, with lots of options.

Since not all journals are created equal, there are pre-set customized journals for different styles. There’s a travel journal, daily journal and project journal. Whatever your story will be, Journo is a good way to record it.

Journo: The World's Most Sophisticated Journal App

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