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Traveling is usually fun and exciting. Traveling long hours could also be fun and exciting if your end destination is well worth it, but it can also be arduous and downright exhausting. Not to mention the jet lag and other annoying side effects. En-route to your destination, you will probably need a quick and efficient pick me up to replenish the lost energy, and AESOP has something that will do just that. It is called the Jet Set Kit and it contains four essential hair and body products.

AESOP Jet Set Traveling Kit

The kit will come very useful if you want to maintain that flawless upkeep throughout your journey. It comprises of a 50ml gentle shampoo, 50ml revitalizing hair conditioner, 50ml Geranium Leaf body cleanser and 50ml Rind concentrate body balm. The shampoo is ideal for those with sensitive scalp since it is mild and non-irritating. It contains beneficial botanicals and it cleans the hair without stripping it off its natural oils. The conditioner contains lavender which is perfect for revitalizing and detangling hair while the body cleanser will not only thoroughly clean your skin but also hydrate and deodorize it. Last but not least, there is the body balm that contains the rind of the Sicilian orange which will leave your skin instantly smoother. It will also calm chapped, dry or sun-damaged skin.

Jet Set Kit by AESOP

The Jet Set Kit is a practical solution for those long airport stopovers, overnight flights and traveling in general. If you are not very much of a traveler, the Jet Set Kit could be a great gift for someone you know who is constantly on the go or for astute travelers. All the products in the kit smell divine and they have a rejuvenating effect. The kit is compact and it can easily fit into your hand luggage.

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