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You can never have too many bowls. Even if you do have a number of bowls already, you probably don’t have anything like this Japanese Style Handmade Clay Bowl. This classic and traditional bowl’s brought to you by Golem Designs. It’s handmade from rustic black clay and covered with white textured glaze. It’s designed to hold two chopsticks and it’s perfect for serving rice, salads, udon, ramen, and whatever you find suitable.

If you wanted to experience the Japanese kitchen in all its glory, you can’t get very far eating from shallow plates and with a knife and fork. This Japanese Style Handmade Chopstick Bowl’s the perfect serving bowl for a number of dishes and you can even use it for cereal if that’s what you fancy. The perfect contrast’s achieved by firing black clay to give it dark chocolate color and by finishing the design with a white glaze that looks like melted snow.

Japanese Style Handmade Clay Bowl, on a wooden table, with chopsticks, view from above.

This bowl’s made from black clay and it features a white glaze finish that looks like melted snow.

All the Japanese Style Clay Bowls are handmade so each item’s unique and slightly different than the other. This makes the bowl a perfect gift that combines a practical purpose and unique beauty. The inspiration for this bowl comes from traditional Japanese ceramics. It’s featured in the Mon Homme collection and the dimensions of the bowl are 4’’ in height and 6’’ in width. As for maintenance, it’s recommended that you hand wash it and that you don’t pour boiling water over it in order to avoid thermal shock.

Japanese Style Handmade Clay Bowl, with chopsticks, zoomed, on a wooden table.

The bowl’s 4” high and 6” wide and each one’s slightly different than the other and unique.

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