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Smartphones are gadgets we can’t imagine our lives without, but the more we use them, the bigger the chance they’ll get damaged. Well, iRing is a Smartphone Grip & Stand that makes your phone easier to operate and helps you keep it safe. The thinnest phones are becoming more and more popular, but they can get a bit tricky to handle. They don’t fit in the hand like thicker phones and are easier to drop. This smartphone holder helps you get a good grip of your phone and prevent breakage.

The iRing is here to prevent you from dropping your phone on the ground and to provide a better control while you’re using it or taking pictures. This convenient accessory’s made from premium material and it comes in many different colors so you can find the perfect one to suit the style of your phone. It looks luxurious and can also serve as a phone stand for watching movies or playing music or YouTube clips.

iRing Smartphone Grip & Stand attached to an iPhone, used as a horizontal stand, with a caption, on a white background.

The iRing provides a safe grip but can also be used as a vertical and horizontal stand

The iRing is one of the most practical smartphone accessory so far. It has an ergonomic safe grip and provides security and comfort so you can use your phone with confidence. Your phone will become a sort of an extension to your body. In addition to the grip, you’ll also get a Micro Hook Mount that allows you to safely attach the smartphone to any flat surface in your home, office, or even your car dashboard for easy viewing.

iRing Smartphone Grip & Stand, a hand holding a smartphone with an iRing attached, in three different positions, on a white background.

The iRing is the ultimate accessory that can dramatically increase your phone’s lifespan

The main feature of the iRing lies in the strong and secure adhesive technology. Besides providing a secure positioning, it’s also reusable so you can easily wash off the dust with some water to restore the adhesiveness. It can also be applied and removed at any time and it won’t leave any residue. It can hold up to 15 lbs. so it’s also suitable for iPads and tablets. This accessory has a patented swivel hinge; it can rotate 360º and swivel 180º, and can be used as both horizontal and vertical kickstand.

Get it from Amazon here.

iRing Smartphone Grip & Stand, a black dock, empty, and a phone attched to another dock with an iRing, on a white background.

The iRing comes with a Micro Hook Mount you can attach to a dock to make a convenient smartphone stand

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