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Fujifilm has been a household name for quality cameras for decades. So much so that many of us can even recall a Fujifilm camera from our childhood. Fujifilm just seems to have that standard of immortalizing our memories and moments in a way that few other brands can compete with. Their latest camera, the Instax Mini 90, stands true to the test of the Fuji brand.

The Fujifilm Instax Classic Mini 90 is produced in a very retro black and silver that hides some really interesting and fun features. The photos made by the Mini 90 come out sharp and clear because the camera automatically detects the brightness of your surroundings and then adjusts the shutter speed and flash so that your moment can be captured with the optimal quality. Party mode is perfect for those dark evenings out with friends as a longer exposure time captures the ambient light from your background and lights it up as the flash illuminates the foreground.

Instax Calsic Mini 90 Camera by Fujifilm

For all of you feeling a bit artsy, Double Exposure mode allows you to test your creativity since you can double expose a single frame to two different images by pressing the shutter button twice. Macro Mode allows you to take photos of objects that are as close as 11.8” away and Kids Mode is perfect for those fast moving kids or pets and is effective even in low light conditions. Landscape Mode can beautifully capture those amazing sunsets. Fitted with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, you can rest assured that your Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Camera will always be ready for your use.

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Instax Calsic Mini 90 Camera by Fujifilm

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