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Nate Williams is an illustrator and author who, in his own words, celebrates “curiosity, play and discovery.” If this seems too vague of a way to describe an artist, it might help if we took a better look at his art.

The art itself is a very quirky and colorful style of surreal imagery. Surrealism is an acquired taste, but Williams makes it more approachable and likable when compared to other artists of this style. Drawings are stuffed with details, so much that at times you feel like you should read them instead of watching them. The themes are varied but not vulgar, always symbolic but rarely puzzling. Political messages and abstract art are equally at home in Nate’s ink.

Illustrations by Nate Williams

Williams makes mundane objects colorful. From children’s books to coffee commercials, cushions, dresses, t-shirts etc, they all get an aesthetic quality that, like a pizza topping, gives something extra to their form and their function. If we want everyday objects to be stimulative to our minds, art is the only way to make them so. And Nate Williams is quite an artist.

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Mistre by Nate Willliams

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