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Back in 2010, a guy named Brandon Stanton started a blog called “Humans of New York”, where he intended to put photos of New York’s inhabitants by neighborhood. As it turned out, he started running into some really interesting people and gave up on the neighborhood idea. Instead, he decided to find out more about them and make a little story about them online – sharing it with the world.

Brandon Stanton from Humans of New York: Stories

Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the “Humans of New York: Stories”

Soon, the blog, as well as the Facebook page became very popular and Brandon published his first book called “Humans of New York” in 2013 and it immediately climbed to the top of New York Times Bestselling list, where it stayed for 45 weeks. But the story doesn’t end there – Brandon continued his work and just a few days ago, his second book, “Humans of New York: Stories” came to the stores, making his millions of fans super-excited about it.

Humans of New York and Humans of New York: Stories

The first book was on NY Times Bestselling list for 45 weeks – let’s see how the second one will do…

The new book will feature a whole new group of people, with their life stories, which will be longer and deeper – Brandon has been working really hard and is ready to surprise you with what he has done. Or, if you have been following his blog and page, you will now be able to save all the beautiful stories in hardcover edition. HONY is completely ad-free and intends to stay that way, so true, independent stories can be transmitted to its readers.

Screenshot from Humans of New York blog

The photos from Brandon’s book will show you the life stories of New Yorkers in a completely new light (screenshot taken from HONY blog)

If you enjoy love novels and drama books, here is something completely new for you. The book is completely unique by its content and its idea and reading it will make your autumn and winter days warm and cozy.

Get it from Amazon here.

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