How to Make Tea: The Science Behind the Leaf | By Brian Keating & Kim Long

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Awfully cold weather means you should drink as many hot beverages as you can to try to warm yourself. If you choose tea over coffee than we have a book that’s a perfect for winter reading. How To Make Tea is written by two tea experts, Brian Keating and Kim Long. This book covers basically everything you need to know about tea.

The Chinese proverb says that “Water is the mother of tea, a teapot its father, and fire the teacher.” We all know that the tradition of drinking tea dates back thousands of years but if you believe you know about it, think twice. First of all, just think about all tea types that exist. And if you don’t know many, well, this book covers that. You’ll also learn about the science behind every cup and how geography, biology, chemistry and physics are involved in making tea. 

How to Make Tea First Pages

How to Make Tea explains the science behind every cup of tea.

This book is a guide for all tea lovers who want to master the science of tea. In it you’ll find useful tips and methods for brewing tea at home. How To Make Tea uses simple illustrations and diagrams and is written in a down to earth tone so it’s easy to understand it. It’ll show you just how tea is important for some cultures. It’s all about the differences in ways it’s made and consumed, as well as the way people interact with it. 

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Pages from How to Make Tea: The Science Behind the Leaf

This book will teach you about different tea cultures as well as methds of brewing tea at home.

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