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Ah yes, the workout resolution – we all know exercise is that thing we NEED to do, but how do we find the time! Especially when Suits, reruns of FRIENDS [insert other amazing show here] is on. So, instead of making excuses, why not combine the two and get your body toned for New Year’s Eve and also never miss an important event in your favorite sitcom. Whether it is New Girl, Once Upon a Time or Castle, we are going to provide you the way to combine it with some easy but very effective exercises. All you need is a TV, you’re a yoga mat, and perhaps an actual will to make a change. Think of them as funny games that will make you always remember to do what needs to be done – and you will be doing it with a smile on your face.

  1. Legen… wait for it… DARY push-ups

Let’s start off with a classic – everybody knows How I Met Your Mother… and if you don’t, well, you should. Nine seasons of hilarious events and heart-jerking moments – no wonder it got as much popularity as it did. So, if you are a fan, and probably even if you are not, you know of Barney Stinson’s famous “Legendary” catchphrase. Now, here’s a task for you: whenever Barney says this do ten single-leg push-ups.

Just by watching this video you’ll end up doing over a 100 push-ups. 

How to do it: Start off in a plank position, meaning you are holding your body in a straight line from head to feet. Lift one of your legs off the floor just a couple of inches. Now, inhale as you start to lower your body into the push-up position, and exhale as you go back. Repeat ten of them every time you hear the legendary phrase.

A woman doing single-leg push-ups

This is what legendary push-ups look like. (photo credits)

  1. Plank twists while witnessing murders

Richard Castle and his beloved Kate Beckett spend lots of their time trying to catch criminal and… well, being super-cute and recently in love. Wait just a little bit longer and Season 8 just started – at just the right time for you to start practicing. Our suggestion – the right time to work out is when Castle and Beckett stare at each other’s eyes and start finishing each other’s sentences as they realize who the killer is. It happens in practically every episode, so why not use it to add some strength and lose some weight at the same time? So, whenever a scene like this happens, do a set of plank twists.

Even the other policemen notice it…

How to do it: Just like the push-ups with Barney, this exercise also starts in the plank position. Hold that position for around 45 seconds (maybe during the commercials) and then move to a push-up position, just with your elbows on the floor. Start turning your whole body to the right with your right arm up leading it. Return to the start position and do the same thing to the left. Just make sure you can see the TV and hear who the killer was.

A woman doing plank twists

Plank twists with Castle will add even more excitement to it. (photo credits)

  1. Lunge jumps to honor the doctors

Grey’s Anatomy doctors are really doing an amazing job, you have to admit it. For the past eleven seasons and the 12th one currently running, they have been saving lives over and over. They’ve lost many of their own in the process, and the last one and probably the worst one was our dear Derek Shepherd (we still haven’t forgiven you, Shonda!), but somehow all of them seem to get back on their feet. So why not honor them and every new life they save with a set of lunge jumps? Whenever they notify a family member of the person that was just saved, do a series of them to congratulate them.

This is what they do every day…

How to do it: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and one leg a few feet in front of the other. Now bend both of your legs by 90 degrees and into a lunge.  The next thing you do is swing both your arms as much as possible and jump up while switching the legs – you should land on the opposite one. Jump with joy as the families of Seattle Grace’s patients cry with relief – you should have enough time to do three sets of eight.

Woman doing lunge jumps

Bravo, doctors – and bravo to you to! (photo credits)

  1. Keep hopping, dearie

Once Upon a Time is a great show for everyone who loves fantasies, Disney cartoons and fairy-tales. Amazing stories revolving around Cinderella, Prince Charming and their many friends and enemies will blow you away – if the show hasn’t already. The main villain of the show, Rumpelstiltskin (or his real-life self, Mr. Gold), is not just someone you can either love or hate. We don’t blame you if your feelings for him change from one episode to another – so do Bella’s. But the one thing that doesn’t change is the funny way he talks and his catchphrase: “Dearie” or Dear. If you watched even one episode of this series you know what we are talking about. Instead of making a shot-game out of it, why not do a set of single-leg hops… just like he does when walking around Storybrook?

He seems to be saying it quite a lot, don’t you think?

How to do it: Piece of cake: start on one foot and start hoppin’ around forward and backward, without falling down. Try to maintain balance and you will also add strength to your legs. Dearie, do a set of 15 on each leg every time Rumple says his most famous expression…

A woman doing single-leg hops

Imitate Rumpelstiltskin and hop around, dear… (photo credits)

  1. Glute bridges with Samantha

This one may be funny, but you know as well as we do that it’s true. Samantha Jones, the sex-goddess of Sex and the City, brings us a different guy in pretty much every episode. This girl just lives her life to the fullest and likes to exercise… she just has a little different workout than the one we’re offering. So, whenever she does, you should try to lose some calories too – and why not do so by making glute bridges?

Samantha Jones Sex and the city quote

A video would probably be inappropriate, but this image sums up Samantha’s philosophy.

How to do it: Lay on your back with both knees bent and your feet placed flat on the floor. The next thing you should do is push into your hips and try to lift them as high as possible. After that, slowly lower it back but don’t hit the floor with your back. To add some difficulty to it, why not put a small band around your knees and try to keep it stretched all the time?

A woman doing glute bridges

Be in a fit position just like Samantha by practicing this way.

  1. Make the best of Schmidt’s “douchebaggery” with curtsy lunge

For a girl living with three guys, Jess from New Girl is just the right amount of crazy. You know, imagine having friends like hers – they’re weird and often offensive, but also very funny and kind and they definitely love her a lot. Talking about offensive – you know we mean Schmidt. He’s like the master of being like this and you can use it to your advantage, Oprah suggests. Try the curtsy lunge exercise if you can stop laughing long enough.

He does it so often that his roomates had to come up with a Douchebag jar…

How to do it: To do curtsy lunge, stand straight with your hands on your hips and then drop down your right foot diagonally behind the left one (make sure the left one is facing straight forward). Alternate sides for three minutes or until the next time Schmidt does his thing. Keep in mind you should try to drop your back leg’s need far enough that it is forming a 90 degree angle with the thigh and is parallel to the floor.

A woman doing curtsy lunge

Don’t be a douchebag – practice while watching New girl.

What it all comes down to

Of course, you don’t have to do it with the shows that we suggested, but this is a good way to keep practicing and have lots of fun while doing it. If you, for example, don’t like Castle, you can do the same set of exercises when Bones acts completely weird and too-smart-like. Or, if you don’t feel like watching Sex and the City for the 100th time, you can do the glute bridges to Vampire Diaries or even Game of Thrones. Depending on your preferences, pick a moment that happens more or less regularly throughout the show – each one has it, you just have to find it – and apply the exercises. They will do you good and you won’t even realize that it’s an actual workout. Either you’ll start loving working out, or never watch TV again. In both cases, you’re welcome.

A woman exercising and watching TV

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