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Our poor feet! The torture they have to endure on a daily basis – walking long distances, wearing high heels, and withstanding the force that is equal to 120% of your own weight. So, let’s help them a little bit with this cleverly designed product – Honey Soles. With these soles, your shoes will feel like a pair of the most comfortable flip-flops. Honey Soles will also protect your feet from hard impact thanks to their shock-absorbing technology and will allow them to breathe because they are made from sustainably harvested natural cork.

Honey soles

Honey Soles are the salvation for your feet.

Natural cork is an incredibly rewarding material – it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and it offers protection from moisture because it contains a substance called Suberin which is a natural fungus and bacteria repellent. Cork will also repel sweat from your feet which Honey Soles’s foam layer then absorbs thus preventing the growth of bacteria and other unwanted build-up. It is also very comfortable due to its polyhedron cells that are filled with air.

Five people in a room, a man and a woman trying on Honey Soles

Thanks to their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, Honey Soles are a great choice for both men and women.

So, how are Honey Soles actually going to help your feet? Apart from the beneficial properties that we have mentioned earlier, they have a grooved design which will prevent them from moving left and right or up and down inside the shoe. There is also a deep heel cup and heel stabilizer that will prevent heel pain and add stability, as well as arch support that will ensure good posture and spine alignment.

The characteristics of Honey Soles

See the image to find out about all the characteristics of Honey Soles.

Despite their antibacterial, anti-fungal and sweat-proof characteristics, Honey Soles can get dirty in time. If that happens, just wipe them away with a damp paper towel or you can also lightly apply hand soap.

Honey Soles in a hand

You can maintain them very easily and they will become an irreplaceable part of your everyday life.

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