Holiday Gift Guide | 10 Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

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It’s time to start thinking what kind of gift(s) you’d like to get the special men in your life. We’ve made a list that covers different interests and tastes, and where each gift is special and unique.

So, if you had difficulties finding the perfect gift, check out this list of 10 Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life and get inspired.

1 – Fred Perry Shirt

Fred Perry Shirt

This casual Fred Perry shirt works with a ton of other outfits.

You can’t go wrong with getting guy a shirt. It’s a universal gift that’s practical. Of course, two main concerns are the size and the design. You’ll need to check the right size before buying a shirt. This Fred Perry shirt‘s simple, casual design can be combined with other outfits. Made of soft-touch cotton, so it’s very comfy. Mahogany goes well with both black and brown and it looks stylish with different types of shoes.

BUY | $130

2 – Tacopedia


Tacopedia covers 100 traditional Mexican recipes.

Tacopedia is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys food. In this case, Mexican food. In this case, most dudes. There are around 100 traditional Mexican recipes in this bad boy and covers everything from fillings and tortillas to salsas and sauces. Tacopedia includes over 250 photographs, stories, illustrations, and maps. Recipes and instructions are easy to follow, so it can be an interesting gift for both amateurs and those who are a bit more experienced in the kitchen. Tacopedia is also very fun and probably the one place you’ll read basically everything there is on tacos. Don’t read it when hungry, it’ll lead you straight to the kitchen. 

BUY | $18.50

3 – Everlane Cashmere Hoodie

Everlane Cashmere Hoodie

This cashmere hoodie is soft, light and warm (who you kidding? you’re gunna steal it for sure).

We already mentioned you can’t go wrong with getting a guy casual clothes. Hoodies are part of every man’s wardrobe, and this one is totally gift-worthy. It’s made of luxury 100% Grade-A cashmere sourced directly from Mongolia. This fabulous material makes it very soft and light. It will also do the job of keeping the person wearing it warm. Two things you should pay attention to- it can be dry cleaned only and it has a slimmer fit, so make sure to get it in the right size. This hoodie comes in four colors- gray, black, navy and charcoal.

BUY | $150

4 – Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

This book goes through every step of barbecuing.

Here’s one more great book about food. This one is all about meat and brisket cooking and will cover everything about barbecuing there is to know. It includes descriptions for every step of the way, from building or customizing your own smoker, finding the right wood to the very act of barbecuing. It also includes instruction on how to create and tend a perfect fire and choose top-quality meat, so your man who can’t cook his way out of a pizza box can at least surprise you with his knowledge after reading this. It’s written by Aaron Franklin, a self-taught bbq cook that became an acknowledged expert and a restaurant owner. 

BUY | $17

5 – Insulated Growler

Insulated Growler

This growler will keep both the quality and the temperature of a drink for a long time.

Growlers are a great gift for anyone who likes to take their drinks with them. It will maintain the quality of the drink, whether it’s beer, cider or coffee. The best thing about this growler – it’ll keep the beverage at the ideal sipping temperature for up to 12 hours. The canister is made of high-grade stainless steel and is the same material is used by experienced brewers. Also the dual-bail system will make sure any drink stays put and the growler is leak proof (especially if your man had one too many of them). 

BUY | from $45

6 – ASOS Leather Gloves

Asos Leather Gloves

These simple black leather gloves are a perfect winter gift.

Gloves are a true winter gift. They also have a symbolic meaning- that you wish the person stays protected. Most of all, they’ll warm up hands in harsh weather conditions. These Asos Gloves are made of a nice supple leather. They’re black with a nice knit cuff. This simple look makes them easy to combine with all sort of jackets and shoes, and even for the glove box of his car (see what we did there?)

BUY | $33

7 – The LapPad

The LapPad

Take your workspace anywhere with you.

The LapPad is a mobile workspace that will help with productivity and make any place suitable for work. There’s enough space to fit a laptop, a phone, a tablet and a mouse. It’s made of cross-woven bamboo sheet that’s at the same time strong and light. There’s a simple looking handle incorporated into the design, to make carrying it easier. CNC-Milled laptop ventilation will keep his laptop heating and there’s even space that’s left for charging cables to fit. The LapPad is great for all those guys who work, game or study from home and want to add a bit of diversity into their workspace (Maybe even Netflix and chill?).

BUY | $89

8 – Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch

A timeless watch made for men all ages.

Every man needs at least one good watch. Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch has a minimal and sleek design. It’s very thin and can be pretty suitable for different occasions. The case is silver, straps are made of leather and interchangeable. This watch is timeless, and definitely a great gift idea for men all ages.

BUY | $229

9 – SECO Canvas Dopp Kit

SECO Canvas Dopp Kit

A practical gift for all the travelers.

SECO Canvas Dopp Kit is a nice gift for all those who are often on the road. It’s made from sturdy canvas, has a nylon webbing handle and an old-school brass YKK zipper. The interior is water resistant, so if anything gets spilled, it’s easy to clean. The shape of it is perfect for fitting all the travel essentials each man needs. It won’t take much space, but can fit many things. 

BUY | $45

10 – Boxcar Planter Set

Boxcar Planter Set

Great looking moveable place for small plants.

This three piece planter can be put next to a window, at the center of a table or on the desk in the workspace. The set is cut from one block of solid wood and comes with stainless steel cups. Each set is hand-made, and with its minimal design, it can fit almost any space. Most men aren’t necessarily plant guys, but with this, they could well be on their way to at least bringing you flowers.

BUY | $62

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