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Oh, the long lost art of writing letters! Without thinking long and hard, we can think of at least five reasons why people should go back to writing good, old-fashioned letters – they communicate feelings and emotional closeness far better, they teach you patience, they improve your attention span, they are tangible and give us something to hold on to and to go back to, and they are, after all, part of your legacy. These are all reasons why we have also decided to write about a rather novel idea called Happy Mail, created by a women’s lifestyle company A Beautiful Mess.

Happy Mail by a Beautiful Mind

So, what is Happy Mail all about? If you subscribe to Happy Mail you’ll get $50 of stationary (and that’s retail value) delivered to your doorstep for only $15 a month with every piece designed by A Beautiful Mess. Each month has its own pretty stationary and, for the month of May, the stationary is bright and cheerful with hints of rose gold. You also get adorable stickers for closing your envelopes plus a few bits and bobs for you to play with too. The graphics that you get with May’s Happy Mail delivery include succulents, pretzels and dance steps – way too cute.

Subscribe to Happy Mail by a Beautiful Mind

Once you subscribe, A Beautiful Mess will send you the latest Happy Mail set immediately and after that, you’ll get your Happy Mail around the 10th of each month. By the way, the May kit includes seven cards, one postcard, seven standard envelopes, two prints, one sheet of image stickers and one sheet of phrase stickers  all perfect for making someone’s day brighter and happier with a super-cute letter. As sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, who founded A Beautiful Mess, say: “Cheers to doin’-it-yourself, always learning, trying, failing, dreaming big, enjoying the small stuff, and above all else … embracing imperfection. Life is better when it’s a little bit messy.”

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