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We’ve all had bad hair days, and to avoid them in the future, we need to take better care of our hair. That also includes using better and more efficient hair care products. Besides shampoo, conditioner and optional moisturizing oil or crystals, having a good hair brush is equally important. Did you know that there are brushes that also improve the quality of your hair as you use them? Well, there are, and the Mason Pearson Handy Hair Brush’s one of them.

Mason Pearson, brush experts from London have gathered enough experience during the last century of their existence to make high-quality hair brushes. The Mason Pearson Handy Hair Brush is a mixed boar bristle and nylon tufts brush with an ergonomically shaped acrylic resin handle. The nylon tufts make your hair healthier, glossy, and even more beautiful as they spread sebum oil evenly over the strands. There’ll be no more split ends and no more scalp irritation!

Mason Pearson Handy Hair Brush, black, on a white surface.

The combination of boar bristles and nylon tufts ensures smooth brushing and a nice scalp massage.

With 5 rings of boar bristle and nylon tufts and a soft rubber bristle bed, the Handy Hair Brush will help your hair look perfect and shiny all day long. In addition to this, it’ll also gently massage your scalp for the best results. The Mason Pearson brushes aren’t mass produces and this one has an original company logo engraved to the handle, in gold. To improve the durability of your hair brush, you’ll also receive a hair brush cleaner for removing trapped hair from the bristles.

Black Mason Pearson Handy Hair Brush with black brush cleaner, laid on a white background.

This great brush is very durable with proper maintenance so use your brush cleaner regularly.

The Mason Pearson Handy Hair Brush is a high-quality brush designed for comfort and for improving your hair quality. The ergonomic handle fits in your hand perfectly for a good grip while the handmade rubber cushion pad makes brushing more efficient. Most of the production work is done by hand using the patented pioneered techniques developed by the company founder, Mason Pearson. Besides these unique techniques, the company uses the best quality materials to make their products last longer.

Mason Pearson Handy Hair Brush, black, zoomed on the bristles, on a white background.

The Handy Hair brush  helps spread the sebum oil evenly to prevent split ends and irritation

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