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We’re back in the season of shawls and scarfs – we have to protect our necks and, of course, look as stylish as ever. And, you have to admit, no matter how many of these you already have, getting a new one is never a bad idea. In that spirit, let us suggest the next one you should get ASAP: the Handwoven Shawl Fleece Scarf  by Grey Matter Collection.

Woman wearing Handwoven Shawl Fleece Scarf

Try out this shawl for autumn season – it’s a must-have.

Designed and made in Canada, the Handwoven Shawl Fleece Scarf is lightweight, but super warm and will amaze you with its softness. Inspired by herringbone, the fleece is hand-cut into strips of various sizes and sewed together. You can simply put the scarf through its weave anywhere you want and create dozens of different styles: “cowls, shrugs, wraps, even infinity styles, an all-in-one scarf” is how they describe it. Wear it with any outfit – it’s perfectly adjustable to both an autumn dress and a casual outfit. It will add a special touch to both.

Women in nature wearing grey and blue Handwoven Shawl Fleece Scarves

Wear it in a way you want, with the outfit of your choice.

With Christmas approaching, maybe it is already time to pick a gift for your mother or best friend – and here is something that will knock them off their feet. It’s available in many colors; all you have to do is contact the manufacturer with your request.

Get it from Etsy here.

Women wearing black and red Handwoven Shawl Fleece Scarves

Available in many colors, it is a perfect Christmas gift.

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