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If you want to make sure you always know where your iPhone is, always have it close to you without making a mess on your workspace, the best thing you can get is a docking station. This time, we are here to suggest an innovation when it comes to these: a Handmade Wooden Charging Station by WhyWood. Made of European beech, these charging stations will not only charge your phone and hold it in place, they will also look very nice anywhere you put them. Each one is handcrafted and has an integrated Lightning connector for charging and syncing. Depending on your needs and the number of i-devices in your household, you can choose between three products.

Handmade Wooden Charging Station by WhyWood single iPhone

Charge your phone and keep it in a safe and visible place with Handmade Wooden Charging Stations by WhyWood

iPhone Dock is a station for your iPhone or iPod that will charge your iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus and the iPod touch (5th generation) and allow you to sync your data, too.

iPhone dock

This one will charge your iPhone and allow you to sync data.

Apple Watch & iPhone Docking Station will also hold and charge your Apple Watch, and it also has another USB cable included, so you can charge your iPad, GoPro or another smartphone at the same time. All three devices are connected to one cable, so no more tangled cables all around your desk.

Apple Watch & iPhone Docking Station

In addition to charging your iPhone, you can also charge your Apple Watch and an additional device.

The same goes for Double iPhone Dock, which can (obviously) hold two iPhones, as well as charge an additional device at the same time.

Double iPhone Dock

Charge two iPhones or iPads, as well as an additional device through one cable.

All of these charging stations are made of high-quality materials and feature a beautiful design. They can also charge your iPhone even in its case and you can choose to personalize it for free by adding the text that you want to inscribe on your docking station.

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