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Mary Kate McDevitt is a graphic designer and illustrator who is known for her Mini Goal Chalkboard designs and text-based prints. Her book, Hand-Lettering Ledger is a workbook for those who are interested in the art of hand-drawn lettering. It serves as a kind of tutorial. Hand-lettering can be defined as “art of drawing letters”. Of course this means the ability to draw them in different artistic ways.

Front cover of Hand-Lettering Ledger

Cover itself features different lettering styles

This book offers step-by-step lessons on a variety of styles, like the Serif, Script and so on. In addition it offers more than 120 practice pages, since these guides can’t replace hands-on experience. To inspire you and give you a reference point, it included more than a 100 custom illustrations. This skill is very useful in jobs related to marketing and is an entertaining hobby as well.

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