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Great storage for your devices. Better organization. Everything you need in one place. These are all things that come to mind when you see the Grid-It organizers by Cocoon. This organization system is brilliant. Forget about entangled and lost cables, or misplaced USBs, cell phones, remote controls, keys, ear phones, chargers, sunglasses, pens, wristwatches and personal effects in general. The Grid-It organizers will make order of chaos and keep everything you need safe and in one location.

Grid-It Organizers by Cocoon

This patent pending object holding system comprises of a unique wave of overlaying rubberized elastic bands which hold objects firmly in place. The elastic bands are super stretchy and sticky and can accommodate objects of different sizes and thickness. The system is customizable and versatile and can provide you with numerous configurations to best suit your needs. The Grid-It organizers come in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes, as well as in one-, two- or three-grid versions. There are Grid-It organizers particularly made for storing iPads, iPad Mini or other 7-inch-tablets and the MacBook Air, and there’s even one that can fit your car’s sun visor.

Grid-It Organizer

The Grid-It organizing system provides endless configurations for your digital devices and is a perfect solution for organizing on-the-goAnd if you’re the one who always has a messy bag, the Grid-It will solve the problem for you because it has a little pouch for every single accessory and device you might need on the road. Last but not least, the Grid-It organizers look sleek and are pretty sturdy.

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