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You know how the saying goes… “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” We would all like to start our day with some love, encouragement and feeling beautiful, and I suspect that quite a few of us struggle with the latter. Well, company Milk & Honey Luxuries is nudging us in the right direction with this cute little thing – their “Good Morning, Beautiful” mug.

Milk & Honey’s Good Morning, Beautiful mug is guaranteed to make you smile when you get out of bed, all grumpy and irritable, and pour your favorite wake-me up brew. Or maybe even remind you of the fact that we are all beautiful or, at least, beautifully imperfect. The mug will also make a fun and poignant gift for that special someone – your significant other, your sister (who has been maybe feeling like Cinderella’s ugly sister lately), your mom, or your friends. It is a universal gift with a universal message.

Good Morning Beautiful Mug

The Good Morning, Beautiful mug is quite large and will deliver a more than generous amount of coffee (15 oz or almost half a liter). It is handmade in the US (Virginia, to be precise) and is dishwasher safe. Milk & Honey Luxuries vouches that all of their products, including this mug, are made using “professional supplies and equipment to ensure quality and authenticity”. The lettering is hand stamped and has an elegant vintage feel to it. So, if you are stuck for gift ideas, why not get this mug? It is well-made, practical, and bears the message that is definitely going to make the recipient feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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