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Tattoos are always in. Whether you like small ones, big ones, the ones in color or just a simple tribal. If you don’t like permanently marking your body in this way, there are always temporary tattoos – just when they start to bore you, they will fade away. Now, a new type of temporary tattoo is available – Glow Temporary Tattoos by Tattify are made of a special holographic color.

Glow Temporary Tattoos in sun and in the dark

A new type of temporary tattoos: Glow Temporary Tattoos with holographic colors.

The Glow Temporary Tattoos are a perfect choice for both hot summer days and cold winter evenings when you want to go out and make an interesting first impression. They will have a white and holographic glow in the sun, while in the dark they will shine and attract lots of looks.  They last from one to five days, and are super-easy to apply – just use some water on a sponge, like regular temporary tattoos.

Sheets of Glow Temporary Tattoos

Pick a perfect tattoo for each occasion.

These tattoos will last one to five days and you get to choose from 103 different designs in white, black and holographic. They have everything from geometrical shapes to inspirational quotes and nature-inspired pictures – just pick your favorite. Get four sheets in one set for many days’ use. Whatever the opportunity, you can always find something that fits and makes the impression that you want it to make.

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A girl with Glow Temporary Tattoos

Pick your favorite out of 103 available designs and have fun with it.

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