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The sun is shining, you’re in your garden soaking in the lovely summer atmosphere, you have a refreshing drink in your hand and a favorite book or magazine in the other, and you’re looking around for something to sit on but all you can see is a rickety lounge chair that has seen better days. If you’re in the market for a patio furniture upgrade, check out the GloDea Lounge Chair.

GloDea Lounge Chair

GloDea’s lounge chairs are handmade and although they have the ever popular rustic look to them, they are modern in design. They’re crafted from environmentally friendly wood (Premium Southern Yellow Pine) and stainless steel, and they’re even packed in recycled boxes. Folding and unfolding the GloDea Lounge Chair is effortless and, once folded, it’s a real space saver. The chair is portable, designed with utmost comfort in mind and comes completely assembled for your convenience.

GloDea Lounge Chair in  Alligator Green

GloDea’s lounge chairs are built to last provided that you take good care of them. The manufacturer advises to stain or coat the chairs to protect them, preferably with their Teak Oil, Varnish and Brown Stain finishes which provide good protection against UV rays and humidity. GloDea’s lounge chairs sit very closely to the ground (13 inches from the floor) which also makes them the perfect beach chairs. If you are not too fond of the natural wood look, GloDea has chairs in several different colors and finishes like the one in Alligator Green. The chair’s dimensions when set up are L 32.5” x W 19.5” x H 37” and it weighs 23 pounds. The GloDea lounge chairs are unique, elegant, sturdy and timeless.

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GloDea Lounge Chair

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