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To make your clothes have a beautiful, clean and not too strong a smell, you need a good laundry soap. If you want to make sure that it will never harm you or any other member of your family, the solution is natural and organic. It can be pretty difficult to find all of this in one product, but here we have one for you. The Ginger Blossom Natural Laundry Soap by Formulary55 is the perfect combination of all you need to feel fresh and clean (and that you’re doing your part to be eco-friendly!) every day.

Ginger Blossom Natural Laundry Soap 16 oz jar

A new soap powder that fits all your needs – Ginger Blossom.

What makes this laundry soap different than all the others is its hand-made nature, its organic ingredients and the fact that it never, ever has any parabens, fillers or any other nasty ingredients inside. Completely safe to use around your kids and your pets, it gives off a stunning scent of Ginger Blossom – actually the most popular fragrance made by Formulary 55. They describe it as “very citrus-y with a bit of ginger kick,” and this gives it a simple, yet refreshing smell.

Ginger Blossom Natural Laundry Soap and ginger flower

This is the most popular scent as Formulary55, no wonder…

Ginger Blossom laundry soap is a homemade product from Colorado, US. The soap powder comes in a 16 oz jar, which, depending on your washing machine, can be enough for either 32 or 64 loads. One tablespoon will do the trick for regular machines, while only a half tablespoon is enough for high-efficiency machines. If you’re a fan of this product, you may also want to check out the other two from the same fragrance collection, so your whole home will have the amazing scent.

other ginger blossom products

Why not also try the other two products with the same fragrance?

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