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Sandy Leaf Farm makes really unique DIY kits, from cheese to wine and beer kits. One of our faves is the Ginger Beer Plant Kit with which you can make your own ginger beer. Isn’t that great? Invite some friends over and offer them delicious traditional ginger beer you made yourself.

In this kit you’ll get all the essential ingredients for 2L of alcoholic ginger beer. The best thing is it’s completely natural, with no artificial flavors, additives or preservatives.

In the kit, you’ll get blended yeast combined with the special nutrient mix. You’ll also get a pack of ginger spices, to make your beer really tasty. With sterilising powder, you’ll make sure your beer is clean, sterile and safe from anything that might grow inside it.

Ginger Beer

Make your own delicious ginger beer. If you like, add a bit of lemon juice.

You’ll also get a muslin cloth, to strain your ginger plant. Besides the ingredients you get with the kit, you’ll need water, sugar and, if you like, a bit of lemon juice.

Of course, you need to figure out what you’re doing with all these ingredients. Don’t worry, the kit contains full instructions, and it’s really simple. If you get confused, email support will even help you out in the event anything goes wrong! 

This beer kit is a perfect way for you to explore your creative side. And since holidays are approaching, it could make a great gift for any ginger lovers.

Chilly Ginger Beer Kit

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