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There are more than 450 pesticides on your plate every single day. No, this is not an estimation but a pretty accurate number researchers came up with. And that’s only pesticides. How about artificial colors and sweeteners, and wax-like substances that fruits and vegetables are coated in to protect them during transport? We are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of food that we eat, so it comes as no surprise that many of us have decided to grow our own. If you’re thinking about doing the same, here is a fun and fool-proof kit that will make a skillful vegetable grower out of you in no time. It’s called Funky Veg Kit and it is produced by Plant Theatre.

Packaging of the Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre

The beauty of this kit is that you actually don’t need a square inch of land to grow your own vegetables. You can grow them even if you are living in a high-rise apartment because the kit contains five peat starter pots and five peat discs that expand when watered. On top of that, the Funky Veg Kit includes five plant markers, and one packet of seeds of Cosmic Purple Carrot, Tigerella Stripy Tomato, Rainbow Chard, Golden Zucchini Squash and Rubine Brussels SproutsEverything you need to start growing these five funky unusual vegetables from scratch is contained in just one box.

Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre

Bear in mind that the seeds in the Funky Veg Kit originate from the United Kingdom and that germination and growing results depend on quite a few factors including watering, light, weather conditions, planting time and seed depth. This kit could also be a really novel and fun gift both for seasoned and newbie gardeners even if you leave the reasons for eating healthy food out of the equation.

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