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When a cookbook has the words ‘genius recipes’ in its title, naturally we expect a lot from it. “Food52: Genius Recipes”, written by the executive editor of Kristen Miglore, certainly lives up to its title. Many chefs, food critics and cookbook writers have made a big myth out of cooking making it unnecessarily complicated. “Food52: Genius Recipes” is here to debunk all those myths, teach you how to use well-known ingredients in a completely novel way and introduce you to simple and highly enjoyable cooking.

Food52: Genius Recipes

The book contains exactly 100 recipes from the luminaries and the legends of the cooking world like Julia Child, Alice Waters, Susan Goin, David Chang, Yotam Ottolenghi, and Heidi Swanson. This book caters to all levels of cooking mastery – from novices to seasoned cooks. “Food52: Genius Recipes” is divided into 7 chapters (breakfast, snacks and drinks, meatless mains, desserts etc.) will guide you through making casual yet delicious meals.

It contains no fuss recipes for no-knead bread, crunchy-skinned fish, perfectly cooked broccoli, tomato sauce with butter and onions, no-cook cranberry sauce, grilled chard stems with anchovy sauce, salt-crusted beef tenderloin grilled in cloth, whole roasted cauliflower with whipped goat cheese, and many others. Despite their lengthy titles, all of these recipes are actually quite simple to follow, and counterintuitive.


The recipes contained in the book will make and taste the simplest of foods like the best gourmet meals you have ever tried. They will also make you re-think how you cook, show you that being a great cook is not a privilege bestowed to only a handful of people and teach you techniques that you will be able to use over and over again.

If you visit the Food52 website (the source of the recipes from the book) you will find more than 30,000 recipes there, as well as cooking contests, a home shop, a hotline and even an integrated kitchen. In 2013, was named the Best Culinary Website and was the recipient of the IACP Award.

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Food52 Chicken Wings

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