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There are people who don’t like to cook or make their own food in general. If you are one of those, stop reading. But those who enjoy the creative aspect of being a chef in their own home, should read this carefully. Not just because their hobby will become even more interesting, but also because they will save money making these items instead of buying them. That can’t hurt. These are some foods that you can make yourself and will cost you less that way, split into sections (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks). My bet is that reading alone will make you hungry.

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A somewhat obvious choice, since you can add whole-wheat flour and raisins for fiber and a bit of sweetness without overdoing it.


Making whole-grain waffles yourself is not only cheaper, but healthier as well.


You can save time when making oatmeal yourself, by making a big batch early in the week, and then topping it with fruit and spices.

Granola bars/cereals

To make granola bars, all you need is oats, nuts, berries and honey. As for the breakfast cereal you can add a small handful of dried fruit and roasted nuts for extra flavor.



Fruit snacks

A great way to use all the fruits you buy during the summer. You can add sugar, lemon and spices.


Twice as cheap to make on your own, you will need milk and a few tablespoons of plain yogurt as a starter.


They are really easy to make. Combine flour baking powder, oil, salt, and milk. Flour can be whole wheat or corn if you wish.


When making your own chips, you control the method of cooking (frying or baking), ingredients and amount of salt.


Boiling and blending your own salsa creates a restaurant-quality snack.


This one is easy to make and you won’t need the stove. It will be more fresh, and you will be able to control saltiness and the heat. Goes great with homemade tortilla chips.

Soft cheeses

As is the case with guacamole, they are quite easy to make and will be fresher compared to bought ones.


Basically, all you need to do is get some tahini and blend.



Nut butters

No need for preservatives, large salt and fat content.


When you make it yourself, you know what the ingredients are, unlike when you buy it. Remember to eat within a week or freeze it, if you don’t.

Jam and jelly

Take frozen fruit, lemon, pectin, and sugar and put it in the microwave. Simple enough.


Vegetables, broth, pasta, and leftover meat. For easy defrosting, freeze in single-serving portions.


You control the amount of spice, type of meat, and overall fat and sodium content when you make it.

Baked beans

To make it cheap and healthy use dry beans, molasses, and just a few herbs and spices.

Frozen burritos

Fill a homemade tortilla with cheese, roasted vegetables, and leftover meats, wrap in foil, freeze, and reheat. Ta-da!

Salad dressing

For this one, put some olive oil and balsamic vinegar into a nearly empty mustard jar and shake.


DIY version is much safer than bought one. Plus you can make some breadcrumbs by putting a few slices in a food processor.

Vanilla extract

Get some vanilla beans, steep them in vodka and that’s it.

Spice blends

No need to go to the grocery store, have your own pumpkin pie spice.


Pizza dough


You will need water, vegetables, bones or carcass, and you might add seasonings.

Marinara sauce

No more than a few minutes is needed to get the ingredients together, and then just let them simmer.


Replace expensive basil with spinach and add olive oil, cheese, pine nuts, and garlic.


Since it’s just egg, flour, oil, and salt, it can’t be difficult to make it, and you can control the possibly unhealthy amounts of ingredients. If you have made some before, use it to make filled pasta.


Avoid the additives, and save money on spices.

Mashed Potatoes

Half cauliflower, half potatoes, go light on butter and milk and you’re set.

Roasted chicken

It’s a bit difficult, but it’s worth it, when it comes to both money and health.

French fries

Get sweet potatoes, oil, salt, and spices, and just bake until crispy.

Barbecue sauce

Unhealthy in general, but in DIY version you can cut down on sugar and salt.

Pizza Dough

Allows you to act like an acrobat and cuts costs.


Ice cream


Blend milk and honey with avocado.


Substitute flour with black beans.


Is there anyone who hasn’t tried to make these?

Ice cream

Not that difficult or uncommon. Combine  with cookies and freeze for some great sandwiches.



Flavored water

Put some water in the pitcher, then add lemon, lime, orange, mint, or other sliced fruits. After it sits out for some time, filter out the debris.


A no-brainer, really.

Drink mixers

Use fresh juices and honey-water instead of packaged mixes

Sparkling water

Get your own carbonation station and add bubbles to pure water.


Now you can have a green smoothie without any sugar.

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