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Indoor walls are somewhat a strange part of architectural design, from an ornamental standpoint. Their function is quite clear, to enclose a space as part of the building envelope, much like the door. Yet we rarely decorate the door with paintings or such artwork. Walls, on the other hand, seem empty without them even if they are in vibrant colors. When we put paintings or posters on the wall, it’s almost exclusively because of aesthetic value. But when you think about it, wouldn’t it be good to put something that has educational or inspirational value? Type Couture has made a typographic poster with that in mind. The poster has a drawn radish on it with the following caption: “Feed thy body, nourish thy soul.”


The message is quite clear. You must take care of your body, watch what you eat and how much, since without it you might get sick and die. Every emotion we feel is contingent on us having a body. And the emotions we feel produce chemical reactions within our body. By having balanced diets, we produce a positive effect on our emotions. Sometimes we forget this link. So this poster is there to remind us.

This item is handmade with professional photopaper and premium ink. The poster has a guarantee that it will last 98 years in a frame and 200 years in a photo album. It can be ordered worldwide from New Zealand. The frame is not included and it will ship within 1-3 businesses days.

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