Fallen Tree Branch Transformed Into a Charming Bookshelf

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To prove just how anything can be used as inspiration, artist Sebastian Errazuriz found a fallen tree and made something very useful. “The branch was taken to the workshop and twisted, turned, and readapted so it could hug a flat wall and live a new life as a shelf.” This cool looking bookshelf was named Bilbao, after the street in Santiago where the tree was found in. 

Besides the tree branch, Errazuriz used metal, stainless steel, glass and black lacquer. The idea was to put it in the corner of a room, so it looks just like it’s growing out of the ground. There are seven glass shelves placed on the branch for the books to be stable. The entire artwork is 8 feet in height, 10 feet in width, and 1.2 feet in depth. This bookshelf is just a part of his wooden sculptures that “attempt to let natural forms found in nature dictate the majority of design.”

Bilbao Tree Branch Book Shelf

The artist used a fallen tree branch as well as other materials, to create this inspiring book shelf.

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