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Evian is a famous brand of bottled water, with it’s source from Évian-les-Bains on the south shore of Lake Geneva. Their bottles have been designed by many famous artists/designers, like Jean Paul Gaultier. The newest design comes from former Balenciaga creative director, Alexander Wang. There are two designs, a black one, and a white one. Both have a barcode logo of the Evian brand. This is the first time Wang has done a design for bottled drinks, but he will probably do it again, according to him.

Why has Evian management chosen Wang is answered by it’s global brand director, Laurent Houel: “Mineral water is about everyday consumption but [also] premium dimensions with the iconic glass bottle. That’s something that’s close to Alex’s universe. He’s also about everyday fashion that’s accessible and approachable, but with a very strong design integrity, so we really feel it’s a great match in terms of the spirit between brands.”. New Evian bottles will come in two formats, one is glass (330ml, 750ml), the other is Prestige PET (330ml, 500ml). The bottle will have it’s premiere at Wang’s spring fashion show. [via]

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