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The story goes like this… In 1789, the Marquis of Lessert was walking in the countryside, stumbled across the Sainte Catherine spring and drank water from it. The marquis, who had had serious kidney and liver problems, continued drinking the water every time he passed by the spring. He later credited it with his health drastically improving. Soon after, local doctors started to prescribe this incredible spring water as a health remedy while the Duke of Savoy gave permission for the water to be bottled. And Evian was born! Today, Evian is considered the royalty among natural mineral waters, while the Evian Facial Spray is a staple in many makeup bags.
Evian Facial Spray
Not only is the Evian Facial Spray used for setting and reviving makeup during the day, its mist is also used to super-hydrate the skin thanks to the water’s unique mineral balance and utmost purity. Evian’s journey starts atop the French Alps which is one of the purest places on the planet. It takes approximately fifteen years for the water to filter through the mountains while always maintaining its pure 7.2 pH. Evian Facial Spray disperses a very fine mist that permeates the upper layers of skin while leaving it moisturized, soft, supple and mineralized. In keeping with the spray’s natural properties, the mist is propelled by environmentally friendly nitrogen.
Evian Facial Spray Packaging
The water contained within the spray is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, pH neutral and so mild that it can be safely used for cleaning baby’s sensitive skin. The Evian Facial Spray comes in a leak-proof canister which is perfect for carrying it in a baby bag. It has been also tested by pediatricians and widely used in maternity hospitals.

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