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Well-known Danish brand Eva Solo has designed something cool for all the tea lovers out there. Reminiscent of a traditional single-use tea bag, their stainless steel Tea Bag is modern, sleek and fresh in design. The material is durable, so this tea bag can be used over and over again.

The bottom has a silicone cover so it doesn’t harm any surface. It comes in two sizes – small and large. The small one can fit 10 grams of loose tea and the large one 15 grams, which is enough to make 1 liter of tea. The holes are small enough so leaves won’t end up in the tea, but it steeps properly and thoroughly. 

Eva Solo Tea Bag And Teapots

There are two sizes of Eva Solo Tea Bag, small and large.

It’s really easy to open and close it. Simply pop out the silicone base, fill it with as many leaves as you want, close and submerge in hot water. When you’re done steeping, simply toss in the dishwasher. The cord is long enough to fit it in a tall cup, and it fits perfectly into Eva Solo’s My Big Tea teapot.

Eva Solo Tea Bag Opened Silicone Bottom

To add leaves, just open the silicon base.

The Eva Solo Tea Bag is friendly to the environment, since you won’t be throwing paper teabags each time you make tea. It’ll make a perfect holiday gift – what’s better on a cold winter day than a warm cup of tea. 

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