Eros & Psyche | The Waterproof and Stain-Resistant Skirt

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Eros & Psyche’s new skirt collection is made for a modern and busy lifestyle. They’ve put a great amount of effort into creating a skirt that’s wearable, comfortable and very functional. The most important feature is definitely the smart textile that makes these skirts waterproof and stain resistant. This means you can spill water, oil, coffee, wine, mustard or ketchup and stay dry and clean. 

The skirts have pleats that flatter all body types. Besides it being water and stain resistant, the smart textile is very soft to the touch and therefore extremly comfortable to wear. Each skirt is made to be durable and has deep pockets (and who doesn’t appreciate pockets in a skirt?!).

Shell Eros & Psyche Skirt

Eros & Psyche’s new collection of waterproof and stain-resistant skirts.

There’s something for everyone – you can choose between a cocktail skirt and a mini skirt and get one of the eleven prints or colors that you like the most.  

Eros & Psyche Cocktail and Mini Skirt

Choose between a cocktail and a mini skirt.

Red Eros & Psyche Skirt

The skirts are stylish, functional and very comfortable. There are eleven designs to choose from.


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