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Meriweather of Montana is small family-run company that specializes in old-fashioned handmade items. One of the interesting ones is their enamel coffee percolator. A classic, nostalgic way to prepare coffee but with a twist. On the percolator the following inscription is engraved: “I want to travel the world and drink coffee with my heroes, build campfires and sleep under the stars in my hammock.” So people who like the outdoors will love this percolator.

Enamel coffee percolator

But the inscription isn’t there for it’s own sake. The percolator is made of quality steel with an enamel finish. That makes it shatterproof and very durable. So the best way to use it is when you are out there with a backpack. Neither will the percolator be damaged, or the inscription (since it’s engraved, not printed). If you are under the stars at some camp with this item, the engraved message might be a bit  superfluous, but you won’t spend your entire time on the road, and as always there are other places to make camp.

Inscription on coffee percolator

If, by any chance, you are not the fan of travelling, this item could be a perfect gift to someone who is. Chances are, whenever they travel and use this to make coffee, they will think of you. It ships worldwide from Montana, United States.

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