EmberLit Camp Stove

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EmberLit’s Original Camp Stove is a great piece of equipment designed for anyone spending time outdoors. This wood burning stove will make cooking easier and your time in nature more enjoyable.

EmberLit Camp Stove is made from rugged stainless steel and with just 11.3 oz, it’s extremely lightweight. This material makes it very strong and corrosion free. What’s very cool about it is that it folds completely flat and takes almost no space at all. It’s also very easy to assemble and use. 

EmberLit Camp Stove Set Up

EmberLit Camp Stove is made from rugged stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s strong, lightweight and very easy to assemble and use.

Another beauty of the EmberLit Camp Stove is that it takes minimal preparation to start a fire. Since it doesn’t require you to carry fuel, just use sticks or debris you find along the way. The vents on the side will draw in air and create strong, long-lasting flame. 

The fact that you get it with a lifetime warranty means it really is a high-quality stove. It takes around 10 minutes for it to boil water, and it’ll hold any pot or pan securely. You can use it to make coffee in the morning, prepare or quickly reheat the food. 

EmberLit Camp Stove Folded

When folded, EmberLit Camp Stove takes little space and can be placed almost anywhere.

There’s also EmberLit Original Camp Stove made from titanium, and that one weighs around 5.45 oz. Just like setting it up, it’s also very easy to take it down. The custom stove storage sleeve has instructions printed on it, and they’re very simple to follow. Just throw away the ashes and the stove will cool down quickly. All you have to do then is fold it and it can easily slip even into a front pocket. 

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