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These Eco Fire Starters made by LessCandles are handmade with birch bark, which was used in Lithuania back in the days as a fire starter instead of paper. But, along with birch bark, the fire starters also include pine cones, moss, chestnuts and other forest stuff. These are dipped into dye free unscented soy wax. Then they are added wick and filled with wax, and voilà, you have a fire starter.

Eco Fire Starters LessCandles

You place a fire starter in your firewood and light the wick. Also, you can use them to start a fire in wood burner, BBQ or a campfire, not just your fireplace. The benefit is in the avoidance of toxic chemical lighting fluid, which will make your BBQ and grilled food taste better and is an all-around environmentally-friendly option. A perfect gift for anyone who likes being by the fireplace, camping, or loves BBQ and grilling.

Eco fie starters on a plate

Remember not to use them as candles and, naturally, keep them away from children. They are packaged in eco-friendly paper bags which can be burned or recycled. Also, remember to store them in cool and dry place. They are shipped worldwide from Kaunas, Lithuania.

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