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Tees have become a go-to clothing item because they’re very versatile, easy to clean, and affordable. But, above all, when design has become the keyword for everything, graphic tees are the real winners of the marketing game. The Easy Like Sunday Morning Tee’s a classic, casual, printed tee-shirt, brought to you by Junk Food Clothing.

Since 1998, this brand has become famous for producing original vintage tee-shirts that have forever changed the first-class tee-shirt market. Witty art, soft fabrics and comfortable shirts are what this brand’s all about. And it’s no different with this Easy Like Sunday Morning Tee. It’s made of 100% cotton and has a raw edge hem. However, it’s the added text that transforms this tee-shirt from a regular piece of clothing into a message and a statement.

A woman wearing Easy Like Sunday Morning Tee and jeans, torso, on a white background.

Made of 100% cotton, this tee shirt’s comfortable and soft on your skin.

The Easy Like Sunday Morning Tee’s what you would call a classic short sleeved tee-shirt. What separates this shirt from solid color tees is the witty print (hello, Lionel Richie) and the cheerful design. Available in XS, S, M and L, you can see the size chart on the Junk Food Clothing Site to determine which’ll fit you best.

A woman wearing Easy Like Sunday Morning Tee by Junk Food Clothing, side view, on a white background.

The colorful and meaningful text transforms this classic tee shirt into a message.

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