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The spookiest, the scariest and the most fun time of the year is just around the corner. Halloween! This is also the time to get artsy and crafty, to let your imagination run, to take on a different, magical persona for a day and basically to party! Halloween is one of the most entertaining holidays with all its tacky, kitschy ghoulishness and, to enjoy it fully and completely immerse yourself in its spirit, having a proper costume is a must.

The problem is that Halloween costumes can cost an arm and a leg. Or what is on the offer doesn’t suit your taste to a T. So, why wouldn’t you make your own Halloween costume? Trust us, it’s not as complicated as it sounds, it will definitely save you some money and you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun in the process. If you are not that creative or skillful, you can pair up with a friend to help you out. We are also here to lend you a helping hand with our suggestions for easy-to-make, imaginative, creepy, interesting, cute and creative DIY Halloween costumes.

Here’s our pick:

1 – Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” 

Dorothy Costume The Wizard Of Oz

You simply can’t make a mistake with this classic costume. (photo source)

This is a classic Halloween costume that is really failproof. It is simple enough to make yet very effective. You will need a white blouse (cuter and more frilly the better), a blue and white checkered dress (the so-called gingham dress), a pair of white socks, blue hair ribbons and the flashiest red shoes you can find. If you have a little dog to play Toto that won’t mind sitting in a basket, by all means include him in the getup too. Also, if you can’t be bothered to make the gingham dress, you can buy it at most costume stores. Just ask for the Dorothy dress.

2 – Paper Doll

Paper Doll Costume

Try out this affordable and easy-to-make costume. (photo source)

You must have played with paper dolls at least once in your life. Weren’t they just the most fun and creative things to play with? If the idea of becoming a life-size paper doll for Halloween appeals to you, here is how you can do it. Paper Doll is a great last minute costume and it really doesn’t cost much to make. You will need the following:

  • two white poster boards (you can buy them at your local stationary store)
  • scissors / cardboard cutter
  • acrylic paint and a paint brush
  • pencil / permanent marker
  • a piece of string (or Velcro straps)
  • headband (only if you are going to make a head bow)
  •  hot glue

Draw the dress of your choice on the poster boards. For inspiration, you can Google “vintage paper dolls”. Make sure that you draw the tabs with pretending perforations with your permanent marker! Cut the paper design, and put a hole in each side of the dress (waist high) through which you will put a piece of string. Alternatively, instead of the string, you can use Velcro straps. Color the dress. Leave to dry and that’s it! You can add accessories like a head bow or a purse. The process of making these two is the same as the dress.

3 – Imperator Furiosa from “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Charlize Theron Mad Max Costume

Be the first to wear this furious costume. (photo source)

Now, this costume is for all you ladies who have always dreamt of becoming a world-saving-heroine, a warrior princess or a modern Amazon woman for a day. Imperator Furiosa is Charlize Theron’s character in one of the most popular movies this year “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Because this is one tough, awe-inspiring, fierce woman your Halloween costume should emulate these emotions as closely as possible. Again, this is one of those Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank since you probably already have most of the things you need in your closet.

So, get yourself a beige T-shirt that you will make look like it has been through hell and back (cut it, tear it, distress it, make it look dirty and worn). Get as many brown and black belts as possible. They should be of different width! Adding an elaborate chain belt would be good too! If you know someone who plays football, ask them to give you one of their used shoulder pads. You will need a spray paint to color the shoulder pad in metallic gray or black. As for the bottoms, you can wear a pair of old cargo pants with pockets in beige, gray, olive green or black color. And the final touch is face paint. In the movie, Charlize had the top part of her head colored in black. You can do the same if you think it isn’t too extreme for you.

4 – Rock, Paper & Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors Group Costume

You can have so much fun making this costume with friends. (photo source)

This is a fun group costume that you can do with your friends because it is actually three costumes in one and you will need two more people to pull it off. Making it is really a piece of cake. Before you wear this Halloween costume, make sure that all three of you wear the same thing underneath – a black dress, or a gray T-shirt and leggings. You have to be color coordinated.

This is what you will need to make this costume:


  • large white poster board
  • cutter knife
  • spray paint in metallic gray
  • string

Draw the shape of a rock on the white poster board. Cut out two pieces – front and back and paint them to resemble a rock. Make holes on each side of the two pieces and connect them with a string.


  • large white poster board
  • cutter knife
  • light blue paint and black paint
  • string or blue/pink sequence straps

Cut out two rectangular pieces out of the white poster board. Use light blue and pink paint to draw lines so that the two pieces resemble a ruled paper. With black paint, draw circles on the left-hand side of the boards to look like hole punches. Make holes at the top of the both boards to connect them (either with a piece of string or pink sequence straps).


  • One large white poster board
  • Silver and blue spray paint

Draw huge scissors on the poster board. Cut the shape and color it. Make sure that you leave enough room for your head when you are making handles because these “scissors” are worn around your neck.

5 – Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride Costume

If you enjoy putting on make-up try out this costume. (photo source)

This one is for the fans of Tim Burton and his eponymous musical fantasy animated movie, or for those who are creative with their makeup because makeup is the key for this costume. The clothes are pretty straightforward – all you need to find is an old white dress (we all have them) and cut and tear it in a way that it looks as tattered as possible. You can borrow a bride’s veil from someone or go to a thrift shop and get yourself one for a couple of dollars. Also, make the veil look as distressed as the dress. As for makeup, you will need a lot of white face paint, navy blue and black eyeshadows, a black eyeliner and a brightly colored lipstick. Finish with false eyelashes. If you want your hair to take the part too, you can get one of those temporary hair dyes in the color blue. Skeleton hand is optional.

6 – Wayne and Garth from “Wayne’s World”

Wayne and Garth Costume.

Easy to make couples costume. (photo source)

Back in the 1990s, Wayne & Garth were the goofiest and the funniest TV characters around. They were a couple of deadbeat rock and roll enthusiasts broadcasting a cable TV show called “Wayne’s World “ from their parents’ basement in which they poke fun at everything – from eccentric neighbors to music. You probably won’t need to purchase anything for this look, apart from a blond wig. All you need is a flannel shirt (your brother, father or boyfriend must have one lying around somewhere), two pairs of ripped jeans, black rimmed glasses (for the Garth character), a baseball cap, a plain black T-shirt (for Wayne) and another one with a rock motif (for Garth). It would be good if you can get a guitar and drumsticks too, to make the entire look more believable. Before you head out, make sure you dishevel your hair like you have just gotten out of the bed or haven’t brushed it in days.

7 – Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter Costume

With a little effort you can look just like this fierce woman. (photo source)

You have probably seen pictures of the 1940s icon Rosie the Riveter many times so far. Remember a woman with a red bandana on, dressed in head-to-toe denim, proudly showing her biceps? Back in the day, she was representing the American women who tirelessly worked in factories and shipyards during World War II, replacing the male workers who were in the army. Rosie the Riveter became popular when a Pittsburgh-based artist J. Howard Miller created a series of posters with her image in 1942 to boost the war effort. The most difficult part about making Rosie the Riveter costume is actually turning your hair into the typical 1940s do. The rest of the costume doesn’t require much effort. You need a red bandana, a denim shirt, a pair of jeans, and some industrial looking boots. Oh, don’t forget the red lipstick! It was a staple in the 1940s.

Whichever costume you choose, even if it is not one that we have suggested, do your best to enjoy Halloween because there is no holiday like it. Bring your best mood, let your hair down, buy plenty of candies (no, it’s not only reserved for children), decorate your house with Halloween decorations… To end the night, you and your friends could watch a good horror movie or Halloween themed episodes of your favorite TV shows. And by all means, try to scare someone! Just make sure you don’t overdo it or do it to very young kids or elderly people. Happy Halloween!



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