Do Your Om Thing: Bending Yoga Tradition to Fit Your Modern Life | By Rebecca Pacheco

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Rebecca Pacheco is a master yoga teacher, creator of yoga blogs and author of Do Your Om Thing, a book that explores the traditional practice of yoga. With this book, she wanted to make yoga teachings more approachable to our modern lifestyle. 

Do Your Om Thing is divided into four parts—Philosophy, Body, Mind and Spirit. This practical guide covers all from poses, different styles of yoga to tips on meditation. It explains confusing terminology like chakras and koshas and gives guidelines on how to incorporate them into regular lives. 

Do Your Om Thing Book Placed Next To Flowers And A Candle

“Yoga doesn’t manufacture a feeling of completeness; it offers tools for becoming present enough to realize it’s been there all along.”

Do Your Om Thing encourages fitness but also the understanding of how mind and spirit work together. Yoga isn’t just finishing a one-hour class from time to time but learning to include these teachings into everyday life. Rebbeca writes not only about the physical transformation but mental and spiritual liberation.

This book is written in a down-to-earth tone that’s easy to understand and relate to. It’s not just for people who practice yoga but can be helpful in many life situations. Do Your Om Thing can help people who sometimes lack inspiration in their life or are going through big and unexpected changes. 

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