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Jon Acuff is a writer who, in his new book Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck gives career advice. That advice is centered around the idea that you have what it takes to be successful, you just don’t know it. Successful career, according to him lies in having 4 elements: skills, relationships, hustle and character.

In your career you are bound to hit a ceiling and stop advancing, even if you have a steady job. To break through that ceiling, you have to acquire new skills. On the other hand, you might hit a career bump, for instance you might lose your job. There, your relationships might help you to find a new one, or to find opportunities more easily. If you get that opportunity, you need hustle to take advantage of it. To make a career jump, and use that new-found opportunity, you have to have a strong character to survive the chaos of adaptation.

These qualities develop to some degree with any type of work. But people neglect them and often refuse to work on them. This, according to Acuff’s book, hinders your career more than a bad economy. By investing your time to improve in these areas, you will create what he calls a “Career Savings Account”, which will be akin to money in the bank when you are in financial difficulties. This way yo can “do over” your career at any time, and get unstuck from any situation. Maybe you will even find a dream job, and won’t have to dread Monday, like most people do.

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