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WoodaCooda shop, as the name suggests, makes various products of wood. One of the ingenious things they’ve made is WoodaCooda beer boat.  The catch is that, since it was so popular, and a bit more expensive, they made a DIY kit.

The kit is handmade from lightweight, water-resistant, western red cedar and comes with nails, bottle opener and rare earth magnets as a bonus. The cedar components are delivered in it’s natural state, rough and sanded. If you wish to paint it, varnish it or customize it in any other way, you can do so. Or not, if you don’t want to.


Now you are going to need some tools for making it (I know, I’m Captain Obvious). You definitely need a hammer, ruler tape measure and glue. You might need 2-12 inch clamps, nail set, sandpaper and a nail hole filler, depending on the level of customization you will do. To make it is relatively easy from a woodworking standpoint. But you have to have knowledge in woodworking. If you have none it is advisable to purchase one of the finished beer carriers. If you have some level of woodworking knowledge, see the instruction and if you can understand it, you may as well try to make it yourself.

The product ships from Golden, Canada to the rest of Canada and United States, and it is ready to ship in 3-5 business days.

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