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Have you ever doodled something or said something really clever and thought, “man, I would totally rock this on a t-shirt!”? Yeah, us too. Empower yourself with this DIY Table Top Screen Printing Kit from DIY Print Shop® and make those thoughts come to life.



DIY Print Shop is the collaborative effort of screen printing power house Ryonet and creative agency Print Liberation, and their main goal is to empower and enable people to get into DIYing and to experience the creative freedom that comes from something as simple as their screen printing kits.

DIY table top screen printing kit by diy print shop

This tabletop DIY kit includes absolutely everything you need to get started with screen printing. The main materials used in screen printing (and included in this kit) are:

  • 156 Mesh Wood Screen measuring 16″ x 20″
  • “Click + Print” hinges (to fix the screen to a table top or piece of plywood, which is optional)
  • professional-grade ink squeegee
  • Pitch Black screen printing ink by Green Galaxy
  • various liquids (screen emulsion, emulsion remover, screen de-greaser)
  • materials needed for the screen printing darkroom process (exposure bulb and darkroom yellow bulb)
  • Manual + Instructional DVD (which walks you through the entire kit and the screen printing process)

DIY table top screen printing kit materials


All of DIY Print Shop’s products are designed & manufactured independently in Brooklyn, New York and Washington State, and considering this and the fact that it really includes every little thing you need to screen print your first t-shirt or tote bag or poster means that for the price-point it absolutely can’t be beat.

P.S. Ryonet has an amazing YouTube channel full of videos that provide detailed instructions and ideas for getting creative with your screen printing press!

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